Form Name Purpose
Attendance and Tardy Policy / Política de Asistencia y Tardanza Policy regarding attendance
Behavior Policy/
Reglamento de Conducta
For Behavior Incidents Causing Injury
Child Abuse & Neglect Policy/
Reglamento de Abuso y Negligencia
Policy to protect the children
Communicable Disease Policy /Reglamento de Enfermedades Contagiosas Policy to identify communicable diseases
Complaint Policy /
Reglamento de las Quejas
Complaints Policy
Complaint  and Comment Form & Follow-Up Form / Forma de Comentarios y Quejas & Futuro Chequeo Forma Complaints Policy follow-up
Confidentiality/ Records Policy/
Reglamento de Archivos de Confidenciality
Policy to protect parents confidential information about their child
Diapering Policy and Procedure /
Póliza de Cambio de Pañales y el Procediemento
Policy to for diapering children
ERSEA Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, Attendance/
Eligibilidad, Reclutamiento, Seleccion, Matricula, Asistencia
Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment and Attendance Policy
Family Situation Policy/
Reglamento de Situacion Familiar
Policy regarding who can and cannot pick up child from DACHS
Guidance/Discipline Policy /
Reglamento de Guiar/Disciplina
Policy outlining classroom rules
Handwashing Policy and Procedure / Póliza y Procedimiento para Lavado de Manos Policy and procedure for handwashing
Hiring Policy/
Reglamento Contrar Empleados
Policy from NMSU Personnel Policies & Procedures Manual
Impaired Parent Policy /
Póliza del en Estado Inconvieniente
Policy to protect child and staff from parent who might be impaired
Late Pick-Up Policy/
Reglamento de Recoger Tarde
Policy regarding children riding the bus and/or being dropped off
Medical and Dental Home: Follow Up / Médico y Dentista de Cabecera: Seguimiento ; Vision and Hearing Screening: Follow Up / Pruebas Auditivas y de Vision: Seguimiento
Medication Policies/
Reglamento de Medicamentos
Procedures for dispensing medication
Missing Child Policy/
Reglamento de Caso de Niños Desaparecidos
To protect against the possibility of a child wandering off and becoming lost
Open Door Policy /Póliza de Puertas Abiertas Para Padres Policy regarding centers having an open door for parents to voice comments or concerns.
Procedure for Verifying Eligibility of Applicants Procedure used to Verify Eligibility of Applicants
Referral Policy /
Reglamento de Referencia
To assist families in their efforts to improve the condition and quality of their lives.
Sibling Placement Policy / Política de Colocación de Hermanos
Temporary Exclusion Policy/
Reglamento Exclusion Temporario
Policy regarding temporary exclusion from attending Head Start
Temporary Exclusion Agreement /
Concordancia Exclusion Temporario
Form for parents excluding their child from attending Head Start
Transportation Policies & Procedures/ Reglamentos de Transporte Policy for bus drivers, bus monitors & parents
Toothbrushing Policy and Procedure /Póliza y Procedimiento para Cepillado de Dientes Policy and procedures for toothbrushing
Toy Washing Policy and Procedure /
Póliza y Procedimiento para el Lavado de Juguetes
Policy and procedures for toy washing
Transportation Safety Agreement/
Acuerdo de Seguridad de Transportacion
For parents to agree to be bus monitors