Nutrition Forms

Form Name Purpose
Anthony Program Aide Cleaning Checklist Program Aide Cleaning Checklist
CACFP- Centers Monitoring Effect CACFP monitoring form
CACFP- Center Nutrition Education Documentation State Required form, fill in online after MonthlyNutrition Experience and submit electronically to Nutrition Assistance for review
Classroom Temperature Log Take temps to ensure they are meeting regulations
Cleaning Schedule Schedule of when and what to clean and State Self Inspection Sheet
Daily Food Temperature Log Take temps to ensure they are meeting regulations
Diet Plan for Meals at Child Care To be completed by Dr.
Food Service Checklist Monitoring Form Form used for monitoring for CACFP requirements
Food Service Policy & Procedures Duties and responsibilities of the FSA’s
Kitchen and Cleaning Supply Order Form to order supplies to be submitted to Nutrition Asst.
Menu Input from Head Start Parents (Appropriate Serving Sizes and Food Choices Letter) / Ideas de los Padres para los Menús de Head Start (Cantitad y Porciones Apropiadas de las Comidas Preferidas) Letter to parents requesting food suggestions
Monthly Menus Monthly Menus
Nutrition Education Activity Procedure Document NEA on a monthly basis
Nutrition Education / Cooking Experience Approval NEA must be approved by Nutrition Asst.
Nutrition Information /
Información de Nutrición
Form used in Enrollment Packet to obtain information from parent
Nutrition Services Objectives /
Objetivos de Nutrición
To outline objectives of nutrition Content Area
Parent Input/ Menu Planning/ Required Daily Nutrition Allowance Portions Ideas for menus
Schedule for Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting To meet Federal and Licensing Standards
Self Inspection Sheet